“I purchase my diamond almost 30 years ago.It had lost some of the clarity..I took it to Condons Jewlers in Stuart Florida, he returned it to them and they re-enhanced it and it looks like the day I purchased it. If you are looking for a reasonable diamond of excellent quality Yehuda Diamond should be you first choice…They have made a believer out of me.!! ”

LINDA ROBISONRetailer Experience - Stuart, FL

“I bought my second yehuda diamond in 2009. The first one I purchased was in 1995 and I loved it so much I went back! I was happy having a larger stone at a great price that looks perfect to the naked eye”

DIANE AWADLoose Diamond Purchase - Binghamton, NY

“Extremely professional and helpful. Honest and upfront sales people. The Yehuda diamond that we purchased is absolutely gorgeous! Beyond my expextations. They set the diamond for me right there and came out beautifully! Thank you”

MADELEINE HARRISRetailer Experience - Cedar Grove, NJ

“I recently had my 1 ct. princess cut diamond enhanced through Always and Forever in Mentor, Ohio by Yehuda. Dealing with this for the first time was kinda nerve wrecking … but I must say, the people at the store were WONDERFUL and Yehuda did an amazing job on my diamond .. working on a budget you don’t always get the diamond you may have wanted at first .. but I couldn’t have asked for anything more once I received my final product! It was soooo worth it .. I love the sparkle and flash my diamond now exudes .. and I would do it again in a heart beat! Thanks to all that helped me bring out the beauty in my “diamond in the rough” ;-D”

JESSICARetailer Experience - Gaithersburg, MD

“I had my 1.92 pear shaped diamond enhanced by you recently (through The Ringmaker is Boulder CO) I want you to know I love my stone. It is fantastic. I’m going to watch your site for a source of great looking diamonds. The guys at The Ringmaker recommended you and I’m glad they did. Lauren”

LAUREN WENZLYehuda.com Website - Boulder, CO

“While looking around for diamonds for my engagement ring, my now fiance’ and I just happened upon Yehuda’s website. At first we were skeptical, but the more we read about Yehuda diamonds, the more interested we became. After doing some research on his own, my fiance’ ordered a loose diamond to view at our local Yehuda retailer and soon realized it was “the” diamond. And he was right! It is a BEAUTIFUL 1.47 carat round solitaire with no visible flaws – my dream engagement ring – made reality by Yehuda! Thank you so much – I couldn’t be happier with the ring, and he couldn’t be happier with the service and price.”

KATELoose Diamond Purchase - Houston, TX

“I am very impressed. I bought a 1.51 Si1 H color. The ring is perfect and half. Thanks”

MARCLoose Diamond Purchase - Michigan, MI

“First, I must say that I’m impossible to impress and skeptical about everything…so “average” quality and size simply doesn’t cut it. While doing some research on diamonds, I stumbled across the Yehuda website and was intrigued…I had never heard of clarity enhanced diamonds and after much more research I discovered that this is THE place to go if you’re looking for them. I requested a diamond to be sent to a retailer (who is not only reputable but one of the best in the metro area…another surprise) and viewed it for myself. I was expecting it to be a terrible joke…why would a reputable jeweler sell these “enhanced” diamonds alongside unenhanced diamonds? I was blown away. The quality is amazing…pardon the analogy, but it’s like getting into a minor fender bender in your car and taking it to the best repair shop and when you get it back, you can’t tell there was ever any damage or imperfection. Anyone who doesn’t consider at least taking a look at one of these diamonds when comparison shopping is just plain stupid (pardon the expression, but it’s true). My fiance was able to buy me a stunning 3.86 carat SI1 pear shaped diamond for the same price as a 2.0 carat with the same specifications. Even under the loupe the diamond still looked good…the jeweler showed me the “flash effect” of the ever-so-slight feather that had been enhanced. Request to view a diamond and check it out…you’ll be impressed too. You’ll have your fiance or wife getting the same comments I do from all of my male coworkers, like “Oh my God…don’t let my wife see that or I’ll be in trouble”, and “Good God somebody really LOVES you”…… yes, he really does….”

WENDYDiamond Ring Purchase - St. Clair Shores, MI

“Well today was the day! I gave her her anniversary card first, then after she read that I said “here is a little something else”. HA! She opened that box and I swear her eyes jumped right out of her head when she saw that diamond ring. It is so beautiful and it looks so beautiful on her hand. She kept walking by all the mirrors in the house to see how it looked on her finger—I do believe she is still in a state of shock. Thanks again for helping to make our 25th anniversary so memorable. Dealing with y’all was so easy. Dealing with Charlie was so easy, he is such a nice guy, and he did a great job of getting the diamond set into the perfect ring. A wonderful experience all around.”

KEITH BECKERDiamond Ring Purchase

“I must say I’m extremely pleased with Yehuda Diamonds. I recently purchased a loose diamond, 0.83 c. Princess Cut. Customer Service was very helpful. The diamond was send to my local jeweler and we chose a nice band for it. Amazingly enough, when we got the ring appraised for insurance purposes, the ring was appraised almost 3 times from its retail price. I’m very pleased with Yehuda. Plus, there is not one single person that does not compliment her on the rings. Thanks !!!!!!”

ARTURO R.Loose Diamond Purchase - Tampa, FL

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