Dr. Watson Yehuda Detector


Dr. Watson is a lightweight portable and rechargeable lab-grown diamonds detector. It can check multiple jewelry items and parcels of loose diamonds.

  • Uses the same detection method as the Sherlock Holmes 2.0 (100% detection rate)
  • Checks 6 rings at a time
  • Approximately 50 CT loose diamonds
  • Visible Checking are 1.5” by 2.5”, 4.5 cm by 5cm
  • Checking area height 1.5”, 4 cm
  • Use your own phone. (You can decide to use a dedicated phone)
  • Add & delete users
  • Store your results to the cloud
  • Add pictures, certificates SKU, names, etc. and upload the result to the cloud
  • Add more storage if necessary for a fee
  • $10.00/subscription/user. Includes storage for about $1.000 test results
  • Delete or move your test results to your own cloud v(G-Drive)
  • Friendly back office where you can retrieve your test results and easily compare them to former tests
  • One-year full warranty