Yehuda Detector

“I am the last and highest court of appeal in detection.”
– Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of Four, (1886)

The Sherlock Holmes CVD and HPHT
Lab-Grown Diamond Detector
by Yehuda

Patent Pending

Price: $5,495

Sherlock detects every type of Lab-Grown Diamond.

1. You don’t have to touch each diamond with a probe.
2. Sherlock identifies mounted and unmounted diamonds in bulk.
3. Sherlock instantly detects CVD lab-grown diamonds.
4. Sherlock will identify natural diamonds that have been color-enhanced through the HPHT process as natural diamonds.
5. Sherlock will identify lab-grown diamonds created through the HPHT process as lab-grown diamonds. (Yes, Sherlock knows the difference. He is a genius.)

Our Sherlock Holmes machine always finds the truth.

[ Download the Sherlock Holmes CVD and HPHT Lab grown detector user manual ]

[ Download the HPHT Lab grown diamond detector use manual ]

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Patent Pending

Price: $5,495

Sherlock can’t be fooled.

Protect your customer.
Enhance your value as an expert.
Use this machine when buying diamonds, selling diamonds, taking in jewelry for repairs

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